Keto Egg Coffee

Keto Egg Coffee

I just recently heard about egg coffee and had to give it a try. After a few experiments, I came up with this unique recipe that adds a CBD punch thanks to Santa Cruz Medicinals CBD coconut oil.

This coffee drink is a great option for the person who is rushing out the door and in need of quality, efficient, and brain-boosting nutrition. The main ingredients in this coffee are:

Eggs provide choline essential for brain function, coffee binds with receptors that prevent you from getting tired, CBD promotes relaxation, coconut oil adds quality fat, and collagen provides a unique blend of amino acids that are typically deficient in our diet.



    1. Add all the ingredients in a blender (or in a cup and use an immersion blender). 
    2. Enjoy! 


      • Serves: 1
      • Calories: 344
      • Fat: 28g
      • Carbs: 2g
      • Protein: 21g


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